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Masters Kitchen & Bath is a family owned business with a rich tradition of European Craftsmanship. Masters, located in Park Ridge, IL, prides itself on creating a process that is completely Client centered. From the initial in home consultation, to project design and function, to product selection, and construction, the Masters approach is built around creating an outstanding Client experience.

The experience begins with a visit to your home by a seasoned kitchen and bathroom design professional. Years of design experience and construction knowledge make this consultation informative and essential in avoiding last minute “surprises”. Your preferences will be integrated into a rough design plan and budget.

Once you have approved the design concept, your designer will go back to the office and prepare a complete detailed computer design. Every detail will be included; cabinets, countertops, backsplash tile, flooring, lighting, electrical, and appliance placement will be included in the design.

Next, an exact cost estimate will be prepared for the design. Every element and every detail will be included to create a complete final cost.

The next step is the most exciting. You will be invited to come to our showroom to view your completed project, in 3D, and color, on a 65″ screen. Your designer will go over every detail with you. You will be able to see inside of every cabinet and make adjustments to the layout until it is perfect. You will be able to see your finished project and learn the exact cost.

Masters has assembled a wide selection of quality materials, from top manufacturers, and displays them in our Park Ridge, IL showroom. Our Clients can populate their design from a carefully curated collection of the most popular and interesting materials on the market. The advice of your experienced design professional is always available.

Once your selections are complete, your project can be contracted. From this point on, Masters will handle everything. Cabinets will be ordered and all of the other materials will be assembled. Countertops will be supplied by our Sister Company, Masters Countertops in Wheeling, IL.

Projects are constructed, from demolition to finished painting, by our staff of skilled European Craftsmen. The work site will be isolated with plastic sheeting to keep dust in the work area. Tarps will be laid each morning to protect flooring, from the work site to the exterior door. These tarps will be removed at the end of each work day. Debris will be removed daily and disposed of at our facility. Our process is “all inclusive” providing a seamless experience with no last minute “surprises”.

We provide complete Kitchen remodeling in Aurora, IL and complete Bathroom remodeling in Aurora, IL from design to completion.

Masters Kitchen & Bath has been providing top quality Cabinets in Aurora IL, Kitchen design in Aurora, IL and Bathroom design in Aurora, IL since 2004. We help homeowners get more enjoyment from their home with new Kitchen and Bathroom designs that blend beautifully with their new or existing home decor.

Our fully equipped showroom in Park Ridge, IL will allow you to see and touch the actual products proposed for your project. All product selections can be made under one roof with the support of a qualified designer.

If you are in Aurora, IL and have a remodeling project that requires quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, Masters Kitchen & Bath may be the best choice for you.

Ask about our 5 Year Labor Warranty covering everything that we provide.

Our work speaks for itself. Browse through Project Gallery and see how our craftsmanship has turned our client’s dreams into a reality.

What services are offered for cabinets and countertops?

Does the company have a showroom where customers can see and touch the products?
Yes, we have a fully equipped showroom located in Park Ridge, IL where customers can see and touch the actual products proposed for their project. This allows for a more immersive and informed decision-making process, with the support of qualified designers available to assist you in making the right selections.

Can the company create custom countertops and cabinets?
Certainly! We offer custom countertops and cabinets, allowing you to have unique designs tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

Does the company provide countertop replacement and installation?
Absolutely! As part of our full kitchen and bathroom remodel we offer countertop replacement and installation, ensuring that you get the perfect countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.

Does the company offer cabinet refacing services?
No, we offer only new cabinets with every full kitchen or bathroom remodel.

How can I transform my kitchen or bathroom in my home?

Are your cabinets worn out, leaving you with limited storage and an unappealing kitchen? Do you find yourself lacking counter space and struggling with a poor floor plan? Look no further! Our experienced design staff at Masters Kitchen & Bath is here to make your dreams a reality. We specialize in creating kitchens that are not only attractive but also highly functional. Our goal is to design a space that will make you excited to cook and eager to show off to your friends.

But we don’t stop at kitchens. The bathroom, often the most frequented room in the house, deserves the same attention to detail. Our experienced designers possess the expertise to transform even the most cramped bathroom into a haven of comfort and beauty. We believe that even the simplest bathroom can be turned into a gracious and enjoyable space.

In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, we also offer our design expertise for other interior spaces in your home. If you’re looking to revamp your family room or basement, our team can assist you in creating a custom bar or a stunning fireplace. Our showroom is the perfect place to explore endless possibilities that will enhance any area of your home.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your kitchen or bathroom. Contact Masters Kithcen & Bath today at (847) 823-1700 or reach out to us online to schedule your free consultation. Let our experienced team of designers and craftsmen guide you in creating the space of your dreams. With Masters Kitchen & Bath, your home’s transformation is just a call away!

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Worn out cabinets? Not enough counter space? No storage? Poor floor plan? Our experienced design staff can work with any kitchen to create a more attractive and functional space. Our specialty: kitchens that make you want to cook and kitchens that you can’t wait to show off to your friends.

The bathroom is often the most heavily used room in the house. That doesn’t mean that it also can’t be comfortable and attractive. Our seasoned professionals can take a cramped bathroom and create space you never knew existed. Even the most simple bathroom can be transformed into a space that is gracious and a pleasure to use.

If you are considering a new fireplace or facade, or a custom bar for your family room or basement, let our design team help you design the perfect project. Visit our stone and tile showroom to design new countertops and tile projects for any place in your home. 

We help homeowners get more enjoyment from their new home with new basement designs that blend beautifully with their new or existing home decor. Visit our stone and tile showroom to design new countertops and tile projects.

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