How to Choose a Garbage Disposer

Imagine the days without garbage disposers, something we have become custom to rely on. The convenience allows us to grind food small enough to avoid clogging the drain quickly. Most food waste should go in the trash and not down the drain — a few quick tips when choosing a garbage disposer for your new kitchen. 

How to Choose a Garbage Disposer

Some local sewer authorities will let you know if a garbage disposer is appropriate for your area. If you are on a septic system, your municipality may require you to empty the tank more frequently. Mainly you will want to ensure you have a functional plumbing system to avoid clogs and backups. 

Disposer Types

Continuous-Feed Models – easy to use and easily washes down the drain. Continuous feed models will run and continue to run until you switch it off. 


  • The convenience of placing food scraps into disposer rather than in the trash is a plus
  • Several models and types to choose from


  • Drain is exposed and allows for objects to fall into the grinder
  • Increased water bill – manufacturers recommend that cold water should run while the machine is working
  • It’s called continuous feed for a reason. It won’t turn off until you flip the switch

Batch Feed – these disposers are activated by when a drain cover is in place. The batch feed disposers require you to load them with waste before placing the stopper on drain to activate blades. Batch feeds are safer for families with small children. 


  • Safer to use as the blades will only run while the cover is on
  • Requires little to no water usage 


  • More expensive than the continuous feed models as the motors in batch feed disposers tend to be stronger
  • You have to remember to clean it out often; otherwise, food can sit too long and may spawn bacteria. 

Garbage Disposer Features

Electric Cord – easier to plugin rather than hiring an electrician to hardwire the system.

Auto-Reverse Mode – this helps the blades clear clogged waste.

Horsepower Ratings – 1/2 horsepower can usually handle most food scraps; however, if your kitchen wastes include harsh food particles, you’ll need 3/4 strength or a one horsepower model.

Safety Cover – great for kitchens with small children. This requires the cover to be in place before it runs.

Warranty – do your research and look for disposers that offer up to 10 years of warranty.

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