Last week we discussed planning your bathroom remodel. In the next few blog posts, we are going to dig a little deeper and get specific with each aspect of the remodel. We are going to discuss lighting options, proper ventilation, and plumbing.  


Let’s get started with plumbing. Plumbing can increase the overall expense of the remodel if you decide to move the existing plumbing fixtures. You can save a lot of money by avoiding demolition and renovation of current plumbing lines. However, the caveat is if the contractor discovers old pipes or wiring that is damaged, you won’t have another option. If the plumbing requires replacement, then it would be an excellent time to make a move to a new location.  

Plumbers need to do what they do best- plumbing. It’s a good idea to ensure that the repairs are accessible. This means that the contractor has removed the drywall so that the plumber can get to the pipes. Lighting may also be an issue depending on where you are with the renovations. Make sure the plumber has adequate light. Ensuring that these things are considered will help make the process go smooth and cut down on additional costs.  

Some things to consider when maximizing your bathroom space: 

  • Pedestal sinks are a great way to help open up space and make the room look bigger. 
  • Pocket doors help maximize the floor space by sliding into the adjacent wall, unlike traditional doors.  
  • Glass shower doors help stretch visual space because you can see clearly through it without obstruction. 
  • Mirrors are а great way to make a space look bigger. One large mirror will help reflect natural light.



Bathroom lighting can illuminate the dark areas and add a subtle, soothing ambiance. Wall sconces above the vanity provide task lighting, which is excellent for makeup application and grooming. Backlighting is very popular and helps save on space. Mirrors are lit from behind, casting a warm glow on the abundant space.

Overhead and ambient lighting is very important. Think of your favorite bathroom from the last hotel stay or someone’s house you visited. Create a spa-like space when planning out your bathroom renovation. 

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