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Built-In Shower Seating

The luxury of designing your own bathroom is that your opportunities are endless. Within reason, depending on budget and space. Most people don’t realize how nice and convenient a built-in shower seat is until they have one. And then they wonder how they’ve lived without it for so long. In this blog post we are […]


Best Bathroom Bidets

All aspects of the bathroom are important. Especially when reviewing all the elements for a bathroom remodel and figuring out where to spend more on features and when to spend less. You want the best flooring, good ventilation, best vanities, great lighting, functional showers, and when you think about toilets, they are just as important […]

Timeless Kitchen Designs

Similar to fashion, classic and timeless looks never go out of style. When planning your kitchen remodel, stick to the classics. Think hard about incorporating bold designs and crazy color trends. You don’t want to spend money doing another kitchen remodel 5 years from now.  By choosing classic elements throughout your kitchen, you will save […]

Unexpected Kitchen Countertops

Thinking about a kitchen remodel? There is a lot that goes into a complete remodel from choosing your appliances, flooring, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures and countertops. In this post, we will discuss countertop choices that aren’t your typical options. We’ll walk through four unexpected countertop materials that will make your kitchen unique and beautiful.   Wood […]

Small Bathroom, Big Feel

There are several ways to get creative when designing a small bathroom to feel bigger. In this blog post we will share some ideas that will help you achieve the look and feel you are after. Consider the following: 1. Less is more – to achieve the look of a larger space, you will need […]

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2020 Kitchen Trends

Much like clothing trends, kitchen design trends repeat every decade. In the 60’s we saw a lot of warm tones throughout the entire house. They considered wallpaper a lux design trend combined with natural wood cabinets, burnt orange accents, and shag rugs. Laminate countertops and avocado appliances dominated the 70’s. Moving into the 80’s we […]


Smart Technology For Your Bathrooms

You likely have a smart T.V. so why not incorporate smart technology into your bathroom. Young homebuyers are looking for tech upgrades when purchasing a home, and studies show that they are more inclined to make an offer on a home that has automated tech upgrades vs. none at all. Tech upgrades can be found […]

The Future of Kitchen Appliances

Do you remember the scene in the movie Back to the Future II when they open up a coaster size dehydrated pizza; and throw it in the Black & Decker oven? The oven then cooks the tiny pizza into a normal size pizza. Well, we aren’t quite there yet but kitchen appliances have certainly advanced […]

How to Choose a Garbage Disposer

Imagine the days without garbage disposers, something we have become custom to rely on. The convenience allows us to grind food small enough to avoid clogging the drain quickly. Most food waste should go in the trash and not down the drain — a few quick tips when choosing a garbage disposer for your new […]

Bathtub Options

Relaxation, space, and functionality are what most people look for in a bathtub. In some areas, the tub is the focal point of the entire space. When designing your new bathroom, choosing a bathtub is a decision that takes careful consideration as tubs are not easy to replace. Options range from freestanding tubs to whirlpools […]

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