Bathroom Remodel: An Overview

Are you considering a bathroom transformation? We’ve got five critical things to consider before you dive into a major bathroom renovation. 

First, ask yourself, what are the significant reasons you are considering a bathroom remodel. Are you looking for more space? Do you need to improve the lighting? Is the bathroom simply outdated and you want an upgrade. 


1. Lighting 

Bathroom lighting is more important than you think. On average, people spend one hour per day in the bathroom. One-third of that time is spent directly in front of the mirror. It’s essential to decide whether or not you will need aesthetic lighting or functional lighting. Correctly placed lighting around the mirror for shaving or applying makeup can make a tremendous difference.  

2. Storage 

For smaller and more confined spaces, you’ll want to utilize as much of the area that you can. People often choose to install recessed medicine cabinets to help save on space. If space allows, people often decide to recess bathroom shelves for towel storage. If storage is important to you, carefully consider installing a vanity with plenty of drawer storage rather than doors. Drawers are easy to organize. 

3. Toilets 

Wall-mounted toilets have become very popular. It’s a great way to save on space, and the tank hides behind the wall. Wall-mounted toilets are affordable and make your bathroom space look updated and modern. Although the wall-mounted toilet is a significant consideration, be sure this is the route you want to take. Due to the way the toilets drain, if this is the route you are taking, know that it’s not as easy to revert to the floor-mounted option. It would require a complete rework of the plumbing supply. 

4. Shower Stalls 

This is where the remodel gets fun! Between frosted glass, tiled half wall or full glass wall, you have a lot of great options. Is privacy important? Do you need a door or could you consider a walk-in shower? Whether this is a DIY project or if you hire a contractor, ensure both experienced with all aspects of shower stall installation. If the shower is near a window, it’s important that the windowsill is sloped correctly. You’ll want to ensure everything near and around the shower is watertight. When it comes to shower floors, smaller tiles are best because of the traction and ease of slope installation. 

5. Bathtub or Shower? 

Are you a bath person? If you said yes to yourself, then a tub is something you need to put into the bathroom remodel plan. Do you have enough room for a shower tub combo? For some people, bathtubs are not a necessity and can help save on space. 

There is a lot to consider when thinking about a full bathroom remodel. Speak with a professional to share what you envision for your renovated bathroom. A project designer can help you come up with a solid and realistic plan and help you determine costs and help you stay within your budget. 

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