Smart Technology For Your Bathrooms

You likely have a smart T.V. so why not incorporate smart technology into your bathroom. Young homebuyers are looking for tech upgrades when purchasing a home, and studies show that they are more inclined to make an offer on a home that has automated tech upgrades vs. none at all. Tech upgrades can be found in lights, blinds or window shades, kitchen appliances, and security. So why not upgrade in one of the rooms that get the most use throughout the day? 

High Tech First-Class Toilets 

The Dual Flush – you can now save water and money with a dual flush toilet. The eco-friendly products allow you the option to flush with buttons or levers. One is designed for solid waste, and the other for liquid waste. Dual flush toilets can help to save up to a full gallon of water per flush. 

Motion Sensored Seats – a game changer for anyone in the house that is guilty for leaving the seat up. Infared sensors monitor movements so with a simple wave of the hand, the toilet seat lifts. When the sensors recognize that the toilet is unoccupied, it closes the lid after a period of time. 

Heated Seats – think about the freezing temperatures the northeastern part of the country faces each winter, and how nice it would be to have a heated toilet seat. This luxury is affordable without blowing the budget. Some home improvement stores sell heated seats for as little as $200. It may not have all the bells and whistles that Kohler’s toilet offers but at least your tush can be warm. 

The Self-Cleaner – a germaphobes dream! With household self-cleaning toilets you aren’t only getting a self cleaner but also some of the benefits listed above. Unlike the public self cleaning toilets you’ve seen in major cities, these toilets don’t focus on the outside. Household self-cleaning toilets focus on the inside of the bowl keeping it clean, and deodorized. 

Digital Faucets 

The touchless technology is super cool but let’s not forget about the money saving benefits. With digital faucets, you save money and water by using only what you need. Some of the latest technology allows you to program timed teeth brushing options. Temperature control is also a money saving option. 

Soaking Tubs  

When embarking on a master bathroom remodel, homeowners are seeking a spalike experience within their own homes. They want the full relaxing experience from stand alone tubs to hightech lighting. Japanese soaking tubs have gained popularity over the years with their sitting tubs. Some models help circulate the water so it stays warm for longer periods of time. Chromotherapy tubs are gaining interest as well. Kohler’s Chromotherapy technology is a lighting system that uses color to help set the mood. Warm colors offer stimulation while cooler colors are calming. 

Smart Showers 

Simply touching a screen, allows you to turn the water on, change the temperature, water pressure, listen to music and so much more. Some shower technology products can be activated through your smartphone. As mentioned above, the technology isn’t only convenient but helps saves money and water. 

Other digital bathroom experiences: 

  • Cooled cabinetry 
  • Warming drawers 
  • Heated floors 
  • Waterproof televisions 
  • Backlit sensored mirrors

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