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All aspects of the bathroom are important. Especially when reviewing all the elements for a bathroom remodel and figuring out where to spend more on features and when to spend less. You want the best flooring, good ventilation, best vanities, great lighting, functional showers, and when you think about toilets, they are just as important as the rest. We recently touched on this in our Smart Technology for Bathrooms blog.

We’ve briefly discussed toilets in the past, but in this week’s blog post, we are talking about bidets. You can purchase bidets with a seat only option, or you can purchase a super fancy toilet with all the bells and whistles. Let’s talk about the difference between the two.


Traditional Bidets

If you’ve traveled outside the United States, you have probably wondered why each bathroom has two commodes. One is in fact a toilet, and the other is a bidet. What exactly is a bidet? Webster’s dictionary defines a bidet: a bathroom fixture used especially for bathing the external or underside. In short, a bidet is a component equipped with a stream of water meant for post-toilet personal hygiene. Bidets are customary in homes throughout Europe and Asia. It’s shocking to some that the United States finds this hygiene habit so odd considering the fact that we are taught at such a young age to be germ free with hand-sanitizer, Lysol spray, and Clorox wipes. If a bidet is something you are considering for your bathroom remodel, you must keep in mind that an additional fixture will take up some space, so you will have to plan accordingly. Or you can choose a toilet that has a built-in bidet. Smart toilets that have a built-in bidet offer all the functions of a traditional bidet and so much more. Some top-of-line built-in options offer heated seats, dryers, deodorizers, sensors that open and close the lid and automatic flushers.

A standalone bidet can cost $300-$700. Smart toilets range from $500-$10k!

Bidet Seats

Regular toilet seats can be replaced with a bidet seat. The spray jets are inside, or under the seat which gets the job done the way a traditional bidet would. Bidet seats cost less than a bidet which make it well worth the small investment. There are two seat types: electric and non-electric. Electric bidets allow you to connect to an outlet to power a water heater or an air dryer. Bidet seats are easy to install and uses your home’s water supply. With most bidet seats, you can adjust the water pressure and temperature with a simple lever and control dial to tune the water that hits your underside. It’s important to make sure you have the correct dimensions down before making a purchase. You can purchase bidet seats on Amazon with prices ranging from $50 – $300.


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