What You Need To Know About Porcelain Tile


Porcelain dates back to the Tang dynasty in China (618-907). Porcelain tile is still popular today, and with technological advances, tile can be found on walls, floors, ceilings, and fireplaces. Many people associate porcelain with dishes, toilets, and figurines. Porcelain tile is a common choice in many home renovations and can also be seen on shower walls, countertops, and floors. 

What a lot of people don’t know is that porcelain tile is extremely durable. Even though it’s a type of ceramic tile, it is made from finer, denser clay and fired at higher temperatures. Porcelain tile is more stringent, and more scratch-resistant than other varieties of tile, and is also resistant to stains.


Porcelain tile shines beautifully, and if you are looking for a long-lasting surface, porcelain is a great option. Kitchens countertops, wall coverings, bathroom showers, and walls are all options for porcelain placement. 

Porcelain floor tile requires little maintenance and exceeds ceramic tile with its durability and beautiful appearance. Its an excellent option for high-traffic areas and ideal if you have pets and children. 


Porcelain looks exceptional, is tough and better yet, super easy to clean. Porcelain’s surface does not absorb a lot of moisture, and is another reason it’s so great for kids and pets. With other flooring materials, spills can trickle into the surface and cause stains. Porcelain is so easy, and spills can easily be wiped up with a damp cloth. No harsh chemicals are necessary to maintain the enamel – just water and mild detergent. Repairs typically aren’t costly either.


Did you know that porcelain is harder than granite? Due to the intense firing process, extreme heat, and dense clay, the structure makes the tile very hard. The other benefits of porcelain tile are the way the color runs through rather than at surface level. The great advantage to this is that the color will remain the same at it wears down. 

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen or bath? Porcelain tile is recognized as a quality building material and is, therefore, a selling point. Installing porcelain tile in a kitchen or bathroom could potentially increase the value of the property, too.

Disadvantages of Porcelain Tile

We’ve discussed the ins and outs of porcelain, and the great features porcelain has to offer. Now let’s talk about the disadvantages. Although it is an excellent material, the tile can be very costly compared to other types. The installation is time-consuming but overall relatively easy to install. We mentioned how easy the tile is to clean; however, it’s crucial to keep in mind, like with most tile, grout is involved. And, when you have grout, grout can be challenging to clean. Grout sealer will definitely help, along with grout maintenance. 

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