Kitchen Plumbing, Wiring, and HVAC Rough-In

The Next Phase in a Kitchen Remodel

Last week we discussed demolition and how to live without your kitchen for several weeks (maybe even months). This week we are going to discuss what happens next after framing has been completed. Now that your kitchen has been gutted, it’s time to figure out plumbing, wiring and HVAC rough-in.
But first, let’s explain what rough-in means. Rough-In means to bring in the various lines (Plumbing pipes, duct work, electrical conduit) to the space, but not make the final connections. For plumbing, this would be the pipes in the walls and floors that lead to the sinks, bath, toilets, etc, but not actually hooking up those fixtures. (via quora)

Plumbing Rough-In

More often than not, your kitchen remodel is going to require moving the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator to a new location. This means the water supply and drain lines will need to be rerouted. Maybe your appliances are going to remain in the same place, if so, it’s still a good idea to update the old piping. The most common scenario is to update from galvanized steel pipes to PEX. Even the most experienced DYIer will subcontract out this job. When the plumbing rough-in is finalized, it will need inspections mandated by permit requirements. The inspector will review everything to ensure the work has been done correctly and according to code.

Wiring Rough-In

If you thought plumbing was intense, electrical upgrades can be even more overwhelming! New kitchens can require a lot of electrical load – as many as seven circuits. Your home should have 200-amp to effectively power a new large kitchen. We highly suggest hiring a professional electrician for this job.

Keep in mind that the wiring rough-in will also need to be reviewed by an inspector before further work can be completed. If this is a DIY project, you will need to make sure you are responsible in contacting an inspector to review your work.

HVAC Rough-In

In conjunction with plumbing and wiring, HVAC ductwork may be required for this project. If you don’t have a lot of experience with installing sheet metal ductwork, its a good idea to hire a HVAC contractor for this job. A HVAC professional that has experience with physics of airflow will understand how to position new vent registers and cold air returns in the best locations.

Inspection Passed!

If everything went well with inspection and you met code requirements, it’s time to put up some walls and ceilings.
This is where the kitchen transformation gets super exciting and your vision comes to life. Walls will be insulated with fiberglass or other high quality insulation. The next step is perfect for the DIYer. Hanging up the drywall with tape and finish does not require inspection or passing code requirements. No need for contractors if you are looking to save money.
Next week we’ll discuss flooring and cabinet installation.

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