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Jane L

After Remodeling

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Before Remodeling

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Stately 100 year old condominium on Lake Shore Drive, had a poorly renovated master bathroom. The new owner was interested in “aging in place” and wanted a more accessible bath room. We changed the tub to a custom walk in shower. The toilet was placed on the wrong wall making it very difficult to get to the shower.
The 100 year old construction presented some challenges, but the results made it worth the effort. The toilet is now on the opposite wall leaving a direct path to the new shower.

“Never having had remodeling done previously, I needed a provider where I could get good design help and see choices and options, but not unlimited options. I needed the choices narrowed down. My first goal was quality – do it right the first time. My second goal was a bathroom where I could “age in place”. Marc came to see the empty condo that I purchased in a nearly 100 year old high rise building. He took photos and measurements. He came again on his own to see an in-process remodel in another unit so that he could see behind the walls and under the floor.

The next time I met with Marc and his designer and looked at ideas. The tub would be removed and a shower stall with a glass door and a bench put into its place. Inside the shower, a niche would be installed to hold shampoo and other items. The toilet would be moved to the opposite wall to give clear access to the shower stall with a walker (if and when that should that become necessary). We spent time looking at wall tile, floor tile and cabinets. On my next visit, we made those choices and looked at toilets, sinks, other plumbing fixtures and accessories.

After the contract was signed, we worked with the building’s board of directors to meet their remodeling and insurance requirements. We met with the building’s plumbing company because when the walls were opened, updates to the unit’s plumbing (risers and supply lines) had to be performed. Once everything was approved, I was put into the line. Several months later, the work began. The only interruption that occurred was when the building’s plumbing company did their work. Otherwise, a skilled workman was there all day, every day, to complete the demolition and remodeling. The process took about seven weeks.

The results were beyond expectations. The new bathroom is both beautiful and functional. During the process of remodeling, the bedroom’s hardwood floor was damaged by water. Masters Kitchen and Bath took responsibility for the damage and brought in a company to repair and refinish the bedroom floor.”


Jane L

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Additional Info

  • Project Type: Bathroom Remodeling
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Client Name: Jane L
  • Project Location: Chicago, Illinois

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